Our Idea :

We want to introduce Indonesian Craftmen to Shops all around the World.

One of the biggest Problems in the Life of a Craftmen here is to find Customers and to get paid fair for their high quality handcraftet Products.

Shops around the World can only buy Stock Products from their Wholesellers and have no possibility to modify the Products to their Wishes.

Here is where we see our Position .. We live in Indonesia and help you in all your needs .. We can help you design new Products ..

find the fitting Craftmen .. work out your Idea with him/her .. fix a Prize .. control the Quality .. and care for all the way till the Product is in your Shop.

We work on a small Commission Base .. So you get your special Product for a fair Prize .. and the Craftmen is happy too.

                    Your Bringyour - Team


Your Benefits :

- Direct from The Craftmen
- Special for your Shop
- No Middlemens
- Real Fair Trade
- On Site Production-
  control and Influence
- Realize your own Ideas
- Direct own Branding for your Shop
- Lowest Prizes